Who needs W-9 for tax reporting?

Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification is a standard IRS form that is used by the bureau to control taxation of freelancers, independent contractors and vendors. The paper itself doesn’t require any information about payments. It only collects crucial personal data that will be used on 1099-MISC or other 1099 document.

Who is supposed to fill out a W-9?

You’ll be required to provide a W-9 if you:

  • were paid $600 or more for your services during the year;
  • open a new bank account;
  • have inherited property that can be taxable;
  • made direct sales of $5000 and more;
  • rent an apartment with security deposit;
  • have got interest and other income from financial institutions.

The list above shows who fills out a W-9 form, but there are some cases when you shouldn’t complete it:

  • you’re full-time employee and you haven’t received income other than your monthly wages;
  • the request comes from IRS. The bureau never makes such inquiries;
  • you’re asked to make payments of any kind. The document is free to use.

You should issue a new W-9 for every requester, in case any crucial information like your TIN changes. The latest 2020 editable blank is available for download on our website. You can whether get a PDF or save it as doc.

Where to file the document when it’s completed?

The only addressee should be the requester. You can send the paper online via secure email or web delivery service. It’s also possible to print it out and then file using snail mail or just deliver hand-to-hand. Never send the blank to IRS.