What is a TIN number on the W-9 form?

The purpose of filling the document is to provide the requester with the essential data for 1099-MISC. In the end, it’ll be used by IRS to control freelancers’, vendors’ and independent contractors’ taxation.

W-9 TIN certified by the person who completes the blank is probably the most important information you’ll provide to the requester. It’s your Taxpayer Identification Number and you should enter it correctly to avoid penalties from IRS.

TIN types

You’ll type your Taxpayer Identification Number in the special field of Part I. There are three possible options here:

  1. Use your Employer Identification Number on W-9 (for businesses).
  2. Enter your SSN, if you’re individual.
  3. Fill out W-9 with ITIN as a resident alien.

How to fill a tin number on W9 form

It also won’t be wise to try give the wrong data on purpose. The requester can use online tools for W-9 TIN verification and name matching. Moreover, that will lead to strong penalties from IRS.

When I can use my ITIN with W-9 form?

As a resident alien, you should use it whenever you receive a legal request to complete the document. If you don’t have an ITIN, you have to get one as soon as possible. Fill a W-7 to do that. If you don’t receive it before you’ll have to send business number on W-9, just enter “Applied”. You’ll then have to provide it, when IRS responds on your W-7 request.

Where to get the blank to fill?

The easiest way to do that is to download the document from our website. You can choose the latest printable or fillable version. We’ll also help you to complete the blank and sign it with electronic signature. Other ways to obtain the document include getting it form IRS website or inquiry letter attachment.