W-9 request letter

Any business relations should be placed on record, mostly it’s done via legal documents. Doesn’t matter whether this record keeps information on only two sides agreement or even one third party involved, each signed blank has a value.

Majority of independent workers who got familiar with W-9 do not require help getting it done for the second time. However, there are circumstances when you have to rethink the way you complete the document — each time is unique, and blank fill out should be treated seriously.

Purpose of query

Request mail is being sent by vendor or interested party (for instance your bank). The full description for such letter is — information query sent via letter.

In case freelancer have not received it, there might be a little help needed. It’s not that hard to find blank w 9 form to print but the very beginning of all the getting query then fill out and sending back routine can make you open a few tabs to get some answers.

How to get one

As said above — payer (or interested instance) should provide the sheet to the freelancer or ask to get one online. This document is ready to be printed, right after receiving W 9 request letter (it can be attached as zip file alongside).

Vendor should carefully prepare the mail, notifying recipient why he or she received such query, what is W-9, how it cooperates with 1099-MISC, how data provided is going to be stored and when is the deadline (state 1099-MISC data).