W-9 form submission during COVID-19 pandemic

Coronavirus has caused huge economic decline and forced USA government to use extra funds to support businesses and individuals. This help is not only about money.

It also includes measures to give businesses a tax relief by changing deadlines, canceling penalties for late submission etc. Let’s find out how it all influenced W-9 2020 form.

Are there any changes?

Since there is no actual deadline for the document, nothing has altered for now. You still have to deliver the blank to the requester before the relevant 1099 will be issued, which will happen in January 2021. At the same time, due to Economic Impact Payments and other support from government, some companies and individuals will have to send a new tax return. In this case they might ask freelancers and vendors they worked with to provide a new form.

As for Coronavirus Tax Relief, major changes apply to income tax returns. The biggest difference is in the latest possible date when you can submit ITR in 2020. It was April the 15th, but now it’s July the 15th.

W-9 tax form download options

There are a few ways to find the blank to complete:

Where to get? What you receive?
On our website Free PDF and the ability to fill out the document digitally, sign it online and send to the requester.
In the inquiry letter attachment The requester might provide you with the paper to fill. Instructions are usually not included.
On IRS website You just download a PDF file.

Due to the situation with COVID-19, it’s not the best idea to use W-9 tax form 2020 printable. You’d better do everything electronically from filling the blank to filing it to the addressee. Use only secure email or web-delivery services to do that.