W-9 and I-9: what do you need them for and what is the difference

W-9 is a request for a person tax identification number. Just as when you are hired as an employee and you fill out W-4, W-9 is for non-employees to provide their information.

It is also used to determine the type of company, i.e. individual proprietor, Corporation or partnership, which in turn allows your accountant to know if 1099 (I 9) is needed for filing.

  • What is I-9?
    Under I-9, employers must certify that every employee is eligible to work in the U.S., as required by the U.S. Department of homeland security and the U.S. citizenship and immigration Services. It is also asks for identification for all employees. This requirement applies to both U.S. citizens and non-citizens.
  • What is W9?
    The name of printable W9 2020 officially is “taxpayer identification number Request and confirmation”. Employers use this form to obtain a TIN from contractors, freelancers, and suppliers. The form also provides other personal information such as your name and address.

W9 is maintained by the person whose information is needed for verification purpose and it is not sent by the IRS, even thou it’s an IRS form. It also serves as an important taxpayer TIN identification. Companies that receive services from third parties must request a W9 from a citizen. When a company reports to the IRS to indicate the amount of third-party funds, the information in this sheet becomes useful.

Are W9 and I-9 the same?

I-9 W-9
I-9 is the official identity check and work permit for all paid employees. It is complete by third-party companies, who provide services to companies, at the request of the relevant company.
Other names
It is also called a proof of employment. A request for a taxpayer identification number and certification form is synonymous with it.
Responsible for filling out
Both the employee and the employer must complete it. Independent contractors have the right to fill out this blank.

Difference between W9 and I 9

The purpose of them is the main difference. The form used to vet an employee in the U.S. for Federal government purposes is I9, while the one filled out by third-party companies is known as W-9. With these documents, it is possible to avoid hiding the true identity to get a job and improper tax management.