Three important moments to consider before signing W-9

This blank should be used by someone who is a US resident, as well as a foreign citizen who lives in the United States, to provide his or her correct INN to the person who requests it. If not to provide the completed W-9 form with TIN to the person requesting it, the additional retention can be applied.

Using online bland applicant confirms:

  1. TIN he has indicated is unfeigned.
  2. Additional retention is not expand.
  3. Requires full exemption from additional retention, being the recipient of payments from the source of payment of income in the US and exemption from tax payout as well. Also confirms that the share of the partnership profit from activity in the US distributed to him is not subject to the tax withheld on the source of income payment on the share of profits directly connected with activities in the United States that falls on foreign partners.
  4. FATCA codes specified in this paper and indicating that they are exempt from reporting on the FATCA are true.

If the requesting person sends a blank differing from printable W-9 to someone who is a US tax resident, he must use the form of the requesting person if it is similar to W-9 pdf.

The resident of the United States is:

  • an individual who is a US citizen or a foreign resident of the United States;
  • partnership, corporation, company or association established or organized in the United States;
  • property complex (except for a foreign property one).

If the person is US foreign resident who relies on an exception contained in the defensive proviso of a tax treaty in order to claim for exemption from US tax on certain types of income, the assertion must be attached to typeable W-9 that is containing the following five points:

  1. Country of the contract. Generally, it should be the same contract by which the applicant was claiming exemption from payroll as a non-resident foreigner.
  2. Article of the contract, to which the income relates.
  3. The number (or location) of an article in a tax treaty that contains a safeguard proviso and its exclusions.
  4. Type and amount of income qualified for exemption from payroll.
  5. Sufficient facts to justify deliverance from payments under the terms of the contract.

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