Some tips on how to fill out a W-9 for single member LLC

This document is used to record any non-employee income such as requited work, or mortgage interest to the Internal Revenue Service. Sometimes dealing with the  only owner Limited Liability Company becomes challenging. Unlike the family one with several individuals, the only owner organization is made up of 1 person, Although W-9 form is quite simple, it takes some effort to complete it correctly. To prevent issues, you should consider some aspects.


The single-owner LLC is considered to be a disregarded entity unless he opts for corporate fiscal policy. At which point the business is treated separately from your financial purposes.

If you prefer to be taxed as a disregarded entity, report business profits, and losses. If you get a 1099, learn how to fill out W-9 for LLC single member.

Completion Process

Download the form in PDF from the official IRS website. Fill out the following details.

  1. Your full name.
  2. Legalname.
  3. EINor SSN.
  4. Address.

Check the “individual/sole proprietor” field. Finally, read the records once again and sign to certify that all the information is accurate.

Who is the Recipient?

Direct W-9 form to the requester. The data will be utilized to file the tax return.