Is the W-9 form still the same as the ones from 2017 & 2018?

The two last major revisions on W-9 are dated December 2014 and November 2017. Other than these edits, there have been no additions to the fillable form at all – current W-9 resemble the ones from 2014 while 2017 edition clarifies how an LLC should complete Line 3 and also contains more specific instructions.

Aside from it, W-9s are in any case free PDF files to be found on the IRS services site published with all recent edits included.

2017 – 2018 W-9s reviewed

In 2017 the IRS came up with a finalized version of W-9 where all changes gathered in the 2017 draft got incorporated into the final edition of the overall blank. Broadly speaking, 2019 IRS W-9 form does not exist in a separate year-dated format: organizations and individuals still use the 2017 confirmed blank and since then no other updates have been released. 2016 fillable blanks resemble those from 2014, but they are not applied anymore in 2019. So if you need to work with W-9 blanks, then download the 2017-updated one.

Updates to W-9s

Summarizing edits and changes to the form, only those with regard to Line 3 have been updated: the IRS made clarifications on how a disregarded LLC completes the line. Some backside additions can also be found: directions for individuals and entities completing the blank are asked to check the box for the federal tax classification of the person to be entered on Line 1.

No new fields or other information are required for the W-9 to be mentioned. Majorly, It is still a free form which you can download from the IRS website and use for appropriate purposes. In order to keep in touch with latest updates on W-9s, always read the information on the official site before using it.