How to verify you get proper W-9 copy

W-9 is used by independent contractors to supply TIN and Name to the customers. Sometimes vendors and freelancers are establishing electronic form fill up and for the purpose digital version within requester responsibility has to correspond to the hard copy. But what is original IRS W 9 looks like?

If you ever dealt with any type of US documents, you supposed to know that not every document can be treated as legal one, that’s why document jobbery still exists. There are several precaution measures to make sure you sign the right paper.

Make sure you get the right blank

Usually vendor has to give the blank right after the process of hire, hand-in-hand. In an ideal scenario this action should not be conducted by any other person, even secretary, only by trusted person.

Another thing that individual should check is the applicability, make sure that you complete the Rev. December 2014 version.

Doesn’t matter if it’s digital version downloaded from website or hard copy individual can compare provided paper with PDF document from IRS official site.

How I know it’s W-9 not any other document?

Your example should consist of 4 pages in total, all A4 size. The entire structure of the w9- 2017 is:

  1. First line used to provide Name and Business name line (for those who have business)
  2. Federal tax classification area with several check boxes
  3. Address lines
  4. Optional field to list account numbers
  5. Part one : SSN or EIN (TIN equivalent) number box
  6. Part two: certification
  7. Signature area
  8. General Instructions

General Instructions as part of W9

The rules of blank use, purpose and penalties are listed on remaining 3 pages. Data provided includes: information on W9 purpose, backup withholding specification, exemptions, FATCA reporting data, penalties info and detailed instructions on form fill out. It will be useful to read for those who have never dealt with backup withholding, don’t know where to get TIN or have questions about certification part of the document.