How to add necessary information in W-9 form

A W-9 is a form for the Internal Revenue Service, which signals that the taxpayer is not subject to security tax and is responsible for paying his own taxes. The document is helpful as a guide for fulfilling a contractor’s obligations for the calendar year, either with the help of a tax advisor or the contractor. Companies that use independent contractors are exempt from income, social security, or Medicare taxes, as is the case with regular employers.

Basically, anyone who needs to submit a document will receive this form from a customer before using any professional or business services. Everyone has an opportunity to find the samples and templates on the Internet.


How to add a date to W-9 PDF?

  • Fill out the PDF form as you would normally, except for one detail.
  • Leave the date and subheadings blank.
  • After that print your document. Leave a signature and current date.

Can I add only business name?

You must write your name as it is shown on your tax return.

Where can I fill out W-9 in Illinois and California?

All the necessary information you can find on our website.

How can I copy my W-9?

Call the Human Resources office during regular business hours (don’t be late). Ask the Human Resources office if you can receive a copy.