Free W-9 download: fill the blank online with e-signature

The Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification has to be submitted before your client will issues the appropriate 1099 document. You can file the form online or use a hard copy and send it via email.

How to get a free blank?

Visit our website for free W-9 download. We have the most current document version with all the latest changes. You can get a printable or a fillable blank depending on your needs.

We also have an online tool that will allow you to fill all the lines on the blank digitally in just a few minutes. Just create a new document and enter all the data using instructions. You’ll then be able to certify the form with digital signature right on the site.

What is the difference between W-9 and W-2?

W-9 and W-2 are completely different forms. Here’s what you should know about these official papers:

W-9 W-2
Is filled by independent contractors and vendors Is completed by employers
Doesn’t report any payments Reports your annual wages
Isn’t filed to IRS Has to be sent to IRS

W-2 is an analog of 1099 for employees, while W-9 is a counterpart of W-4 for freelancers.