Best Options for US Residents to fill W9 Form

Many websites offer online report preparation, but each differs due to its options and prices. You should choose the one that suits the purpose:

Service name General provisions Financial issue It is available for inc federal and state cess. It provides a truly free opportunity to fill outcharge returns with gross margins of less than $ 57,000. The service is limited only to those who are residents of 35 states. It also does not support itemized deductions, but this option can be activated for a small surcharge. It offers charge reporting at reduced prices for $ 13. It is one of the largest online charge vendor (s) resources and is also very reliable. It offers simple instructions and useful information, allows one to import cess information directly to the site. The base package starts at $ 20 for federal cess and from $ 37 for state taxes. It is the second major resource after Turbotax, and that is why also useful. It provides free demo versions of its reporting programs, but their possibilities are limited. For $ 20, one can purchase a basic package for preparing a federal W9 payments report.


Prepare the information

When do you need to collect all the necessary documents?

  • For the most basic (free) charge required data, you will need your W9 form (TIN). It is just a record of the amount that your employer paid for you for the year;
  • To make a more advanced deduction landlord report, collect all deduction records that you want to declare.

Entering W9 information online

  • Using charge reporting program you will obtain step-by-step instructions for implementation;
  • Double-check the numbers and information, as even small discrepancies can cause verification.

Many online tax corp reporting services offer chat rooms to help this business, so this is a great option to get help filling out W9 forms. Most cess reporting sites provide the service for a small fee, so you can send a report by email or print it out and send it to IRS.

  • Some sites offer a refund within 24 hours, sending back a refund within one day after filling out the report form;
  • Remember – the closer the tax return period is, the longer it takes to send reports in a solid form because the post offices at this time have long queues.